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Attorney Amihoud Borochov, who has about 35 years' experience in Israeli family law, with a focus on the international angle, is the head and founder of our legal firm, which offers extensive legal counselling and negotiation in family law along with a supportive shoulder and an attentive ear.


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Our firm was founded in 1989. The firm specializes in family law, and specializes in cases that have an international dimension. We represent clients before civil courts (peace, family, district, Supreme Court, High Court) as well as before religious courts, including the regional rabbinical courts, and the Grand Rabbinical Court of Appeals.

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Can a father still get his abducted children back from Israel, if the mother claims he is physically abusive and they are afraid of him?

International Child Abduction & Relocation Abduction & Hague Convention

Yes! A few years ago The Rishon LeZion Family Court ordered the return of young brothers, to Holland, even though the mother had claimed that their father was a danger to them, physically, and that they were afraid of him. Reports by the court assistance unit during supervised and observed visitation between the father (represented by our legal practice) and the children plus a psychological report, from an expert appointed by the court which included observation of their interaction, revealed that the mother’s claims were completely false. The reunion and interaction between the father and his children was described as positive , warm, and fear-free, despite many months without contact, since the abduction

A single , female student from my university has filed a paternity suit against me asking the family court to declare me as the father and make me support her baby. I am sure I am not the father because I used a condom when we had sex and there were no ‘ accidents’. I know that she worked as a ‘hostess’ and ‘masseuse’ to finance her studies and had sex with many men for money during the time I had relations with her . I feel she has tried to ‘frame me’ because I am one of the men she slept with that she knows how to trace. If I hire a lawyer to defend me and medical tests prove that I am not the father am I likely to get my costs paid by her?

Paternity Fighting Paternity

Yes. While the court has discretion regarding costs it is likely that in a paternity case where the biological father could be one of many men , the court may well order the plaintiff to pay the defendant’s costs where genetic testing has proved that he cannot be the child’s parent. This was so in a Kfar Saba family court case in May 2002 where the plaintiff worked as a call girl with a sizeable clientele of men with whom she had sex with for money. The defendant was a married man. Two paternity tests proved that he could not be the child’s biological father. The court rejected the plaintiff’s plea for a declaratory judgment declaring him to be the father and ordering him to support the child, ordering her to pay his costs. It held that the costs order was designed to prevent the defendant, who won the case, losing out financially – but it was not designed to compensate him for the emotional suffering and humiliation he says he endured.

A single female friend of mine is desperate to have a baby and has begged me to help her get pregnant. She said she promises not to say I’m the father or to sue me for financial support for the baby. Is this legal or would I be at risk of having to support the child ?

Paternity Proving Paternity
Such an agreement, whether oral or in writing, would be worthless, and you would clearly be at risk of being filed with a paternity suit and having to support the child. Any promise to free you of all responsibility of paternity or maintenance if you “help” her become a mother has no legal value. Such an agreement would not be “in the child’s good”, runs counter to a child’s rights and is against the public interest. It denies the child its natural right to know who its father is, develop a relationship with him and to be supported by him financially. It  would not be considered valid by a court and would not be upheld by one should you be filed for paternity.
Apart from the special position of a sperm bank donor, a man who gets a woman pregnant has to accept responsibility, even if he is asked to “help” her become a mother.
It makes no difference if there is sexual intercourse or not. The family court in Jerusalem held that a man who masturbated into a container to “help” a friend get pregnant had to pay maintenance to the twins born from his sperm, even though he alleged there was an oral agreement to free him of any responsibility.

A tragedy befell our large family recently. A young mother died in tragic circumstances, and her husband has undergone major surgery . All the family on both sides have been very supportive in helping look after the young children, but nothing official has been done, although there are enough relatives on both sides who are willing to take on responsibility. What is recommended ?

Guardianship and Adoption Minors
Where one parent has died, and the other is seriously ill and his ability to look after their minor children is seriously affected, the best option is for an able and willing member of the family to apply to the family court to be appointed as an additional guardian for the minors. The 1962 Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law makes provision for this, and gives preference to family members.
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