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Child Custody / Visitation / Contact

Child Custody / Visitation / Contact

Children Living Overseas

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I am divorcing. My wife wants to go back to the U.K., where she was born and raised, with our baby so that she can get the support of her family. I don’t mind as long as I am sure I will get to see our child. How can I make sure that my rights to have a relationship with my child are upheld, without ruining her life ?

Child Custody / Visitation / Contact Children Living Overseas

By getting your wife’s co-operation and having an agreement professionally drafted and authorized in an Israeli court before mother and child relocate. The agreement can cover visitation overseas and in Israel, including actual visits in both countries, and also other means of contact, including phone, web-camera ‘chatting’ on the computer etc, which become more important as the child grows older. A “mirror order” can be obtained from a U.K.court, which will make the Israel court-authorised agreement recognized and enforceable there.

What action can a father in Israel take if his child lives overseas with his mother, but refuses contact?

Child Custody / Visitation / Contact Children Living Overseas

There are two options – one is to file for visitation rights in the country in which the child lives, and the other is to file for the enforcement of visitation rights under Section 21 of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction, a process which can be started in Israel, but is usually less effective.

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