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What ways are there of making a will according to Israeli law ?

By: דיאנה שאלתיאלPublished on: 03 May, 2022
The Inheritance Law of 1965 recognizes four forms of will .They are:
  1. A handwritten will which must be in the testator’s own handwriting and should bear a date and signature.
  2. A will in the presence of witnesses – this is the normal typed will drafted by lawyers. It should be dated and signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses ,who may be lawyers, who have to give written authorization at the end of the will that the testator signed the will in their presence.
  3. A will made before an authority –e.g.  judge, court registrar, Inheritance Registrar, notary or rabbinical court judge.
  4. An oral/deathbed will – when someone is facing death they can tell two witnesses what they wish to do with their estate. The two witnesses have to submit a memo of these instructions to the Inheritance Registrar as soon as possible. The will is automatically cancelled if the circumstances which justified the making of an oral have passed a month later and the testator is still alive.

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