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My wife and I are in the process of divorcing. We are negotiating a settlement and have reached an agreement about everything except for the ‘green number’ for operating my taxi. My wife claims that it is joint property . I disagree, saying it is a personal right that I got as part of my rehabilitation as a disabled person. Does a ‘green number’ on a taxi constitute marital property ?

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Yes ! the Tel Aviv Family Court addressed this question where a wife asked to divide the use of the ‘green number’ used to operate her husband’s taxi. She made her plea under the Moveable Property Law of 1971. In this case the husband was disabled and an arrangement had been made with the National Insurance Institute whereby he would capitalise part of his future rights as a disabled person to finance the purchase of a green number for him to operate a taxi. He claimed in his defence that his right to use the taxi constituted a benefit or compensation for physical damage. If his claim had been accepted it would have meant that it constituted an exception and would have not been joint property. However, the court rejected this claim and held that the right to operate a taxi given to a disabled person for his rehabilitation is a form of rehabilitation and not compensation. The court accepted the wife’s claim that the ‘green number’ was joint property to be divided between the couple

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